PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: tcVISION v6 Overview and Updates


Several exciting new features and updates are now in tcVISION v6, including new output targets Adabas LUW, DB2 BLU, EXASOL, Hadoop,and MongoDB. Additionally, new input sources include z/OS VSAM Logstream (CICS and Coupling Facility / Shared VSAM),z/OS VSAM Batch Extension, z/OS DBMS to Logstream, CA IDMS v17, CA Datacom CDC, IMS Active Log and SMF data.

Another feature recently announced is the tcVISION “Direct Loader” for BULK_LOAD processing. The function does not require output to a sequential file, and the loader utility for the target DBMS is called via API with data passed directly. Direct loader supports PostGreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2 LUW / DB2 BLU. The advantage of using the Direct Loader is the elimination of disk access in writing and reading the sequential loader data file. File output is still supported (e.g., where loader data is to be distributed to other machines).

Finally, as mentioned in a previous Treehouse Blog, with tcVISION v6 comes the newly enhanced web statistics functionality and web server. Any standard web browser can access this server (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

This valuable feature enables users to view data from the tcVISION Manager Monitor, and statistical and operational information from the tcVISION Manager network.

Find out more about tcVISION — Enterprise ETL and Real-Time Data Replication Through Change Data Capture

tcVISION provides easy and fast data migration for mainframe application modernization projects and enables bi-directional data replication between mainframe, Linux, Unix and Windows platforms.


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Customer Success: tcVISION / Hadoop Integration


BAWAG P.S.K. is one of the largest and most profitable banks of Austria with more than 1.6 million private and business customers and a well known brand in the country. The business strategy is oriented towards low risk and high efficiency. Business segments are Retail Banking and Small Business, Corporate Lending and Investments and Treasury Services and Markets. The center of the BAWAG P.S.K. business strategy is the offering of easy to understand, transparent and first-rate products and services which meet the requirements of the customers.

The BAWAG P.S.K. Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft and Österreichische Postsparkasse Aktiengesellschaft ” (P.S.K.), Vienna, operates their IT on the z/OS operating system. The corporate data is stored in DB2 databases. ORACLE is the database platform for the Open System environments. In relationship with another project P.S.K already had a client component of tcVISION installed. Magister Markus Lechner, Head IT Applications: “tcVISION was already in use and we had good experiences as far as functionally and support is concerned. Because we were in the planning process for the implementation of another project, we included tcVISION in the list of software solutions. The goal of this project has been the reduction of the load on the IBM mainframe and as a result the reduction of costs. The intention was to offload data from our core database system to a less expensive system in real-time and to provide read access from that system to the new infrastructure. The reasons for this were constantly increasing CPU costs on the mainframe because of the growing transaction load of the Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Self Service devices. A large percentage of the load was caused by Read-Only-Transactions.” Markus Lechner: “After the tcVISION presentation, we arranged a Proof Of Concept. The important aspects of the POC were not only the functionality of tcVISION within the project but we also wanted to see whether our expectations would be met related to performance and CPU consumption on the mainframe. In addition to tcVISION, we also evaluated another product. All of our expectations have been met to our full satisfaction during the POC and we made the decision to go ahead with tcVISION.”

After a short implementation period, the project is now in production for one year. Markus Lechner describes the project: “The primary objective of the project with tcVISION was the reduction of CPU load on the mainframe to reduce our costs. Our intention was to offload data from our core database system to a less expensive system in real-time and to provide read access from that system to the new infrastructure.


We use tcVISION for the realtime replication and we use Apache Hadoop as a cost efficient system for the storage of the data. In addition to the primary usage scenario we have the benefit to also cover additional use cases. This includes Real-time-EventHandling & Stream Processing, Analytics based upon real-time data as well as the possibility to report and analyze structured and unstructured data with excellent performance. The system can be inexpensively operated on Commodity Hardware and has no scalability limitations. Compared to the savings the costs of replication (CPU consumption) of tcVISION are very low. The support provided  was excellent during the implementation phase and also during the production phase. Inquiries by telephone or E-mail cause prompt reactions. Problems that came up during this period were solved as soon as possible even when the tcVISION software had to be extended.” There are additional plans to extend the use of tcVISION in the future. One is to implement real-time replication from ORACLE into the data lake.

Magister Markus Lechner draws a conclusion: “tcVISION enables us to significantly reduce our mainframe cost through a real-time replication to a less expensive environment. tcVISION performs a very economical log file based replication. In addition we are now in a position to implement numerous application cases based upon the replicated data which would have been too expensive and resource intensive on the mainframe. Realtime-Event-handling, Realtime-Analytics, Realtime-Fraud Prevention are only a few of the use cases that we currently cover.”



tcVISION enables bidirectional replication for DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server running on Linux/Unix/Windows, and synchronizes each data source, first by doing a bulk load from source(s) to target and then by replicating only changes— only committed changes—from source(s) to target. So there can never be ambiguity as to whether a query against the target database involves uncommitted data.

Read other tcVISON customer success stories here.


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TREETIP: tcVISION Supports Hadoop

by Joseph Brady, Manager of Marketing and Technical Documentation at Treehouse Software, Inc.


Hadoop and Big Data are revolutionizing data processing, and because of the increasing digitalization, the Internet, the rising importance of Social Media, and the presence of “Internet of Things”, the data diversity is growing in dimensions that did not exist before.

To process and maintain large and diverse data sets in a meaningful way, new technologies (such as Hadoop) have been developed. What is Hadoop? Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It is part of the Apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation.

Enterprises with heterogenous IT infrastructures, especially larger corporation of all industry sectors and public institutions, very often include mainframe technology. These enterprises are now facing the challenge to integrate existing mainframe data into a Hadoop platform – in real-time.

Data integration technology also has experienced great evolution over the past decades. Today, a standard ETL solution is not sufficient, and the understanding of data integration must now include the entire data exchange process in terms of replication and synchronization. Data exchange is now a time critical process. Near real-time is more and more the only accepted method to meet the high, up-to-date requirements in an increasing co-existence of mainframe and Hadoop technologies.

The tcVISION Solution

An important part of the added value of modern IT systems is the latency-free data- and process-integration of transactional and analytical areas. The cross-system integration platform from Treehouse Software, tcVISION, is unique, efficient, and reliable. With tcVISION, mainframe data can quickly and easily be integrated in near real-time into Hadoop-based operative applications or Business Intelligence and Analytics.

The tcVISION solution is proven and mature, and is constantly under development to meet the requirements of new technologies, including support for Hadoop in Version 6.

The main focus of the tcVISION integration platform is to allow real-time synchronization to integrate mainframe data into Hadoop based solutions.


The tcVISION Technology Components

The tcVISION integration platform consists of a variety of state-of-the-art technology components, which cover much more than simply an ETL process.

  1. Data exchange in the sense of a real-time synchronization becomes a single step operation with tcVISION.
  2. No additional middleware is required.
  3. Modern Change Data Capture Technologies allow an efficient selection of the required data from the source system with focus on the changed data. The data exchange process is reduced to the necessary minimum which results in lower costs for the cross-system data integration.
  4. tcVISION also supports the fast and efficient load of large volumes of mainframe data into Hadoop. In this context the processor costs of the mainframe are low and negligible.
  5. An integrated Data Repository guarantees an overall cross-platform and transparent data management. Mainframe knowledge is not required.
  6. tcVISION include a rule-engine to transform data into a target compliant format or allows user-specific processing via supplied APIs.
  7. The integrated staging concept supports the offload of changed data in “Raw Format” to less expensive processor systems. This reduces mainframe processor resources to a minimum. The preparation of the data for the target system can be performed on a less expensive platform (Linux, UNIX or MS-Windows).
  8. The transfer to and feeding of data into Hadoop is part of the tcVISION data exchange process. No intermediate files are required.
  9. The exchange of large volumes of data between a production mainframe environment and Hadoop can run in parallel processes to reduce latencies to a minimum.
  10. The tcVISION integration platform contains comprehensive control mechanisms and monitoring functions for an automated data exchange.
  11. tcVISION has been designed in a way that Hadoop-based projects can be deployed with total project autonomy and maximum reduction of mainframe resources.

With tcVISION, data synchronization between mainframe and Hadoop pays off

  • Near real-time replication of mainframe data to Hadoop allows actual real-time analytics, or the relocation of mainframe applications (i.e., Internet applications like Online-Banking, e-Government, etc.) to Hadoop with synchronous data on both platforms.
  • Because of the concentration on changed data, the costs of the data exchange are greatly reduced.
  • The utilization of mainframe resources is reduced to a level that minimizes costs for mainframe know how and mainframe MIPS.
  • Data exchange processes can be deployed and maintained with tcVISION without mainframe knowledge, hence costs can be saved and Hadoop projects can be faster developed and put into production.
  • The near real-time replication of tcVISION from mainframe to Hadoop allows the relocation of BI reporting and analytic applications to the more cost efficient and – for these applications – more powerful Hadoop platform.

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Transparent integration of mainframe data sources and mainframe programs into LUW applications


tcACCESS is a comprehensive software solution that enables two-way integration between IBM mainframe systems and client/server, Web and SOA technologies — without the need for mainframe knowledge or programming effort. tcACCESS is a proven platform that facilitates SQL-based integration of mainframe data sources and programs into LUW applications using industry standards such as SQL, ODBC, JDBC, and .NET. SQL queries to access mainframe data can be easily created using drag and drop techniques — no programming required. Read More


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tcVISION TREETIP: Navigating The Repository Editor

When modeling and mapping a new metadata structure, tcVISION’s powerful Repository Editor is used to define and modify Input and Output Objects. The rich features within the Editor allow users to:

  • import new objects
  • copy or create new objects
  • import metadata for input and/or output objects
  • define target DBMSs
  • specify input and/or output objects for import
  • define DMBS-specific options
  • define target object names
  • replace/supersede existing object metadata

To assist new and even experienced tcVISION users, we’ve put together the following screen shots to give a quick overview of the Repository Editor’s functionality buttons / icons used for setting up modeling and mapping of sources and targets.

Here is an example of what the tcVISION Repository Editor looks like:


Repository Editor icon definitions: Input objects


Repository Editor icon definitions: Output objects


Repository editor right click menu options


Repository editor extended output target options


Enterprise ETL and Real-Time Data Replication Through Change Data Capture


tcVISION provides real-time data replication through change data capture, and allows easy and fast data migration for mainframe application modernization projects. Enterprises looking for a product that enables bi-directional heterogeneous data replication between mainframe, Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms need look no further than to tcVISION from Treehouse Software.

To learn more about tcVISION, or to request a demonstration, contact Treehouse Software today.

Treehouse Software will be exhibiting and presenting at the 2014 WAVV Conference


Treehouse Software representatives are preparing for the upcoming WAVV Conference, which will be held April 13 – 16 at The Embassy Suites in Covington, KY.  If you are attending the conference, stop by the Treehouse Software booth and say hello!

We will be exhibiting our data integration and replication products:

  • tcVISION for enabling ETL and bi-directional data replication between mainframe, Linux, Unix and Windows platforms.
  • tcACCESS for integrating mainframe data and applications with open systems and Windows.

Additionally, Chris Rudolph, Senior Technical Representative for Treehouse Software will be presenting, “Replicate Data in Real-time — Anytime, Anywhere (Live tcVISION Demonstration)” on Tuesday, April 15 at 11:00 AM as part of WAVV’s vendor presentation series.


WAVV is a user group promoting the interests of the users of the VSE, VM, and Linux operating systems. WAVV holds the annual conference, which consists of over 100 educational sessions as well as an exhibitor show where vendors of VSE, VM, and Linux related products show their wares and meet with customers.

More information on WAVV can be found on their website.