Register Today for December’s Software AG TechEd 2015 User Conference!

By Wayne Lashley, Chief Business Development Officer for Treehouse Software


This year, TechEd returns to Philadelphia, PA on Monday, December 7, 2015. I, and others from Treehouse Software will be attending, and I will be presenting “Essential Capabilities for Adabas-to-Adabas Data Migration”.

Share ideas with, and gain insights from, your contemporaries. Hear how Software AG can help you rise to the challenge of driving your business forward on the shoulders of Technology and Innovation.

I strongly encourage all Adabas/Natural customers to sign up for the *FREE* TechEd 2015 HERE.

See you in Philadelphia!


TREETIP: TRIM’s Real-Time Monitor Provides a Window into Your Adabas/Natural World

by Joseph Brady, Manager of Marketing and Technical Documentation at Treehouse Software, Inc.

Adabas/Natural customers need a reliable, effective, and efficient way to analyze and optimize performance. TRIM is a robust performance monitor for Adabas and Natural. The TRIM Real-Time Monitor provides a wealth of key performance statistics, including:

  • Adabas activity in various categories across time intervals
  • Session statistics
  • Adabas queues and tables
  • And much more.

TRIM screen shot examples…

TRIM Real-time Monitor Commands Per Minute Screen:


TRIM Real-time Monitor Commands Within File Screen:


This information can help the site quickly find and eliminate performance problems, and online help, PF-Keys, Direct Commands, and other features simplify TRIM usage.

Reminder of the Special Offer For CA APAS/Insight and CA PLEU Customers…

If your company uses CA APAS/Insight and/or CA PLEU, you have been notified that support for the products is longer be provided by CA. As a result, we are pleased to extend a special offer to CA APAS/Insight and CA PLEU customers to adopt comparable Treehouse Software solutions, and enjoy the assurance of our commitment to supporting and updating TRIM, AUDITRE, NatCDCSP, NatQuery, and our other solutions that complement ADABAS and NATURAL.

Treehouse Software representatives are ready to help you implement our solutions to address your key requirements — all at specially-discounted pricing.

Visit the Treehouse Software website, or contact us to discuss your needs.