Replicating Mainframe Data on Cloud-based Relational Databases

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development / AWS and Cloud Alliance Leader at Treehouse Software, Inc.


Treehouse Software has been helping enterprises mainframe customers since 1982, and in recent years, we have been developing a strong presence in the emerging Cloud market space relating to mainframe data replication and modernization. As a result, Treehouse Software is currently working with technical and sales leaders from all popular Cloud platform companies and major systems integrators to take advantage of our deep mainframe skills and our tcVISION Mainframe-to-Cloud data replication solution.

The Choice is Yours…

tcVISION provides the means for customers to easily replicate relevant data between most mainframe data sources (IBM Db2, IBM VSAM, IBM IMS/DB, Software AG Adabas, CA IDMS, CA Datacom, or even sequential files) and the most popular Cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Confluent Cloud, and Oracle Cloud

Today, customers are finding it easier than ever to set up, operate, and scale relational databases in the Cloud. Here is a quick look at some Cloud relational database systems that tcVISION supports…

Amazon Aurora relational database, a MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database built for the Cloud that combines the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases:

Google Cloud SQL, a fully managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL server. You can connect with nearly any application, anywhere in the world. Cloud SQL automates backups, replication, and failover to ensure your database is reliable, highly available, and flexible to your performance needs:

Azure SQL Database is an intelligent, scalable, relational database service built for the Cloud. Optimize performance and durability with automated, AI-driven features that are always up to date. Focus on building new applications without worrying about storage size or resource management with serverless compute and Hyperscale storage options that automatically scale resources on demand:

How Does tcVISION Work?

tcVISION focuses on changed data capture (CDC) when transferring information between mainframe data sources and Cloud-based databases and applications. Through an innovative technology, changes occurring in any mainframe application data are tracked and captured, and then published to the targets.

tcVISION allows bi-directional, real-time data synchronization of changes on either platform to be reflected on the other platform (e.g., a change to a Cloud PostgreSQL table is reflected back on mainframe). The customer can then modernize their application on the cloud, open systems, etc. without disrupting the existing critical work on the legacy system.

Here is a high-level walkthrough of tcVISION mainframe data replication on Cloud and open systems…


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