Register Today for the Software AG TechEd 2015 User Conference!

By Wayne Lashley, Chief Business Development Officer for Treehouse Software

In 2014, I attended Software AG’s inaugural “TechEd” conference, held in Chicago in April. This was a free event, modeled loosely on the annual European “Software AG International User Groups”, offering customers the opportunity to attend presentations and get information that would otherwise be left to regional user group meetings—which have been largely discontinued—and/or to Innovation World. Several dozen Adabas/Natural customers attended last year, and their reviews were positive.


This year, TechEd returns to Chicago on April 21-22, 2015. I and others from Treehouse will be attending, and I will be presenting “Treehouse Software: Maximize and Revitalize Adabas/Natural”, about how our real-world customers are implementing strategies to integrate, modernize and extend mission-critical Adabas/Natural applications by leveraging Treehouse products and services.

While the conference will include not just an Adabas/Natural track but also tracks for webMethods, Terracotta, ARIS and Alfabet, there will be two full days of Adabas/Natural-related content. Topics include Adabas/Natural futures, zIIP Enabler for Natural, Web/mobile enablement, modernization/integration, Adabas SQL Gateway and Event Analytics for Adabas/Natural/EntireX, in a mix of Software AG and customer presentations. And in the evening of April 21, Software AG will host a customer celebration social event.

For the last half-day of the conference, Becky Albin will be giving her Adabas v8.3 Master Class. This is something that you would normally expect to have to pay for, but in this case it will be included at no charge. Something not to be missed!

I strongly encourage all Adabas/Natural customers to sign up for the *FREE* TechEd 2015 at See you in Chicago!

Request a Free, Online Demo of Treehouse Software’s Mainframe Real-Time and Bidirectional Data Replication / Integration Products

Did you know that Treehouse Software offers online demonstrations of the most complete and flexible portfolio of solutions available anywhere for real-time, bidirectional data replication and integration between mainframe and LUW data sources?

You can see how Treehouse Software’s popular tcACCESS and tcVISION products efficiently and cost-effectively use ETL, CDC, SQL, XML, and SOA technologies for data replication / integration, in an interactive demonstration with our skilled technical experts.

Integrate mainframe data and applications with LUW data sources…

tcACCESS is a comprehensive software solution that enables two-way integration between IBM mainframe systems and client/server, Web and SOA technologies — without the need for mainframe knowledge or programming effort. A proven platform that facilitates SQL-based integration of mainframe data sources and programs into LUW applications, tcACCESS uses industry standards such as SQL, ODBC, JDBC, and .NET. SQL queries to access mainframe data can be easily created using drag and drop techniques — no programming required.


tcACCESS is a modular software solution. It consists of a base system that can either be implemented as a CICS transaction or as a VTAM application. The base system provides its own communication modules. The heart of the system is the tcACCESS SQL Engine which allows access to mainframe data sources using SQL statements. tcACCESS offers Listener components on the mainframe and on the client, as well as scheduling and security functions. Batch processors automate the information exchange processes between distributed applications.

Enable ETL and bi-directional data replication between mainframe and LUW platforms…

tcVISION allows the exchange of data between heterogeneous databases, from legacy non-relational mainframe sources to standard RDBMSs, in batch or real-time, via CDC (change data capture). With tcVISION, complex replication scenarios can be implemented with ease–including bi-directional “master/master” replication requirements.


tcVISION considerably simplifies mainframe data exchange processes. The structure of the existing mainframe data is analyzed by tcVISION processors, then automatically and natively mapped to the target. The data mapping information is presented in a user-friendly and transparent format – even for users with no mainframe knowledge.

See for yourself, right at your desk…


Tell us about your challenges. If you have a project where our mainframe data replication and integration products could be of assistance, our skilled sales and technical staff would be happy to set up a free, online demo. Simply fill out our short Treehouse Software Demo Request Form.

Treehouse Participates in CA IDMS and CA Datacom Technical Conferences

By Wayne Lashley, Chief Business Development Officer for Treehouse Software

Recently I, and others from Treehouse, had the pleasure of attending the CA IDMS Technical Conference in Framingham, MA, as well as the CA Datacom Technical Conference in Plano, TX. Both of these were free events organized by the IUA and CADRE (the IDMS and Datacom user associations), with event hosting and assistance provided by CA Technologies, to provide customers with an opportunity for training, product briefings and technical discussions with product management, product development and with other customers.

I have to commend the IUA, CADRE and CA for their initiative and efforts in putting on these events. With the changes made to the content and focus of CA World in 2014, IDMS and Datacom customers had limited opportunities to learn about product roadmaps and to interact with product representatives. The technical conferences were well-organized, offered excellent technical content—including a full day of condensed product training for both novices and advanced technicians—and even included some social time.


Above: CA Datacom Event

In representing a vendor to these CA customer groups—we have a number of Datacom and IDMS customers using tcACCESS and tcVISION—, I was especially appreciative of the opportunity to get more involved in the community and to have our own technical people benefit from the training and interaction.

I was impressed with the level and quality of resourcing that CA is putting into its development and support teams. Both product groups have adopted Agile methodology for delivering, in a timely way, product capabilities and features that customers “want and will use”. Furthermore, with emerging functionality in IDMS (DB), IDMS/DC, ADS, Datacom and Ideal, there was ample demonstration that CA is embracing modern standards and trends such as SQL, Web services and Big Data.


Above: CA IDMS Event

Readers from IDMS and Datacom shops that were unaware of, or unable to attend, the technical conferences should note that the success demonstrated by the recent events is likely to result in similar technical conferences being scheduled for the future. I encourage you to take advantage of them!

Treehouse Software – Your Mainframe / LUW Data Integration Partner

To learn more about tcACCESS and tcVISION, or to request a demonstration, Contact Treehouse Software today.

Customers Rate Treehouse Software Tops in Technical Support

Treehouse Software provides excellent and highly-responsive worldwide technical support from its US headquarters. This is supplemented by technical support staff in Germany, as well as by local marketing representatives in various regions throughout the world.


Treehouse Online Support is at Your Fingertips…

The easiest way to access Treehouse Support is via the Treehouse Software website. Here are a couple of quick links to request support and access up-to-date support information:

Treehouse Support Request Form:

Main Treehouse Support for Product Documentation and Compatibility Information:

Technical support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can contact our skilled support staff during our regular business hours by telephone, email, and fax. During off hours, Treehouse maintains a telephone answering service, and Treehouse representatives are continuously on call to ensure that customers receive answers to their questions and solutions to their problems as quickly as possible.