Software AG TechEd 2015

by Wayne Lashley, Chief Business Development Officer for Treehouse Software

Recently, four of us from Treehouse SoftwareMitch Doricich, Mike Kuechenberg, Chris Rudolph and myself—attended Software AG’s TechEd 2015, which took place on April 21-22, 2015 at the Chicago O’Hare Hyatt Regency Hotel. We were joined by over 180 other attendees, including about 60 representing Adabas/Natural sites.

The event was organized into separate tracks for Adabas/Natural, webMethods, ARIS and Alfabet, but the morning general sessions were for all attendees.

Tim Fortier of Software AG acted as the emcee for the two-day event. There were general presentations and keynotes by various Software AG directors and executives, including Mike Schumpert, Gerd Schneider, Mighael Botha, Cynthia Stegall, Kurt Hansen and Ricardo Leitão, on topics like the Internet of Things (IoT), Software AG’s TECHCommunities, innovation, training and support.

Besides the general sessions, the Treehouse team attended the Adabas/Natural breakout sessions. These included presentations by a number of familiar figures from Software AG, including Joe Gentry, Karlheinz Kronauer, Patrick Gould, Eric Wood, Becky Albin and Bruce Beaman, covering Adabas and Natural (and add-on products) roadmaps and futures, and new products and capabilities in the analytics, mobile and integration spaces.

Customer presentations were provided by the Geoff Wells and Don Ellis from the State of Minnesota describing tremendous CPU savings using the zIIP Enabler for Natural, and also detailing their early experiences with the new Event Analytics for Adabas, by Amarish Pathak from AAFMAA on integrating Adabas/Natural/EntireX with mobile applications, and by Manny Klonaris from Verizon on Adabas Vista.

I found the Event Analytics for Adabas solution to be particularly compelling in today’s world of stringent security, audit and privacy requirements. Becky remarked that it could be called “Event Analytics for Anything”, because the data/events to be analyzed could involve virtually any source. Treehouse TRIM customers could be taking advantage of this solution today for their Adabas data, and analytics based on different data sources could be enabled through other Treehouse products and services.

A featured component of the event was Becky giving a Master’s Class on Adabas v8.3. Mike and Chris, the Treehouse technical guys, were logged in to the Treehouse mainframe during the class so that they could follow along on our own system while Becky went through her material. The numerous other DBAs in the room also got great insight into the features and capabilities of this latest Adabas release.


In addition, I had the privilege of giving a presentation on behalf of Treehouse, speaking about how Treehouse can help maximize and revitalize Adabas/Natural through our products and services. I want to say a big thanks to Thadd Jenkins from Southwest Airlines, who provided a very gratifying testimonial about the long and mutually-beneficial relationship between Treehouse and Southwest.

My presentation is available for download here.

TechEd 2015 was hugely beneficial for the attendees to meet and mingle with Software AG experts, management and with other customers. For readers who were unable to make it this year, another TechEd is likely to be scheduled for 2016, based on the roundtable discussion and customer feedback. I encourage all customers to sign up for this free conference.

Our thanks to Software AG for organizing a very successful TechEd 2015, and for enabling Treehouse to participate in it.

Register Today for the Software AG TechEd 2015 User Conference!

By Wayne Lashley, Chief Business Development Officer for Treehouse Software

In 2014, I attended Software AG’s inaugural “TechEd” conference, held in Chicago in April. This was a free event, modeled loosely on the annual European “Software AG International User Groups”, offering customers the opportunity to attend presentations and get information that would otherwise be left to regional user group meetings—which have been largely discontinued—and/or to Innovation World. Several dozen Adabas/Natural customers attended last year, and their reviews were positive.


This year, TechEd returns to Chicago on April 21-22, 2015. I and others from Treehouse will be attending, and I will be presenting “Treehouse Software: Maximize and Revitalize Adabas/Natural”, about how our real-world customers are implementing strategies to integrate, modernize and extend mission-critical Adabas/Natural applications by leveraging Treehouse products and services.

While the conference will include not just an Adabas/Natural track but also tracks for webMethods, Terracotta, ARIS and Alfabet, there will be two full days of Adabas/Natural-related content. Topics include Adabas/Natural futures, zIIP Enabler for Natural, Web/mobile enablement, modernization/integration, Adabas SQL Gateway and Event Analytics for Adabas/Natural/EntireX, in a mix of Software AG and customer presentations. And in the evening of April 21, Software AG will host a customer celebration social event.

For the last half-day of the conference, Becky Albin will be giving her Adabas v8.3 Master Class. This is something that you would normally expect to have to pay for, but in this case it will be included at no charge. Something not to be missed!

I strongly encourage all Adabas/Natural customers to sign up for the *FREE* TechEd 2015 at See you in Chicago!