Shopping for an AWS Mainframe Data Replication Solution? Look no further than Treehouse Software’s tcVISION on the AWS Marketplace…


Using Treehouse Software’s tcVISION to replicate data between a mainframe database and AWS, an enterprise with mission critical data can rapidly deploy databases globally within minutes, and with minimal administration requirements. Supported mainframe databases include Db2, VSAM, IMS/DB, Adabas, IDMS, Datacom, or even sequential files. tcVISION is available on the AWS Marketplace for many global regions, including the AWS GovCloud (US) East and (US) West. 

There are three versions of the tcVISION Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on the AWS Marketplace:

1. tcVISION Enterprise Change Data Capture (CDC) Integration for AWS – Bring Your Own License (Customers must contact Treehouse Software for license key to run the software): This AMI allows transfer of mainframe data to AWS targets continuously and in real-time. Using this tcVISION AMI, a customer can deploy databases globally within minutes.

3. tcVISION Distributed Database Integration (DDI) for AWS – Pay as You Go on AWS: This AMI license installation includes security keys for Amazon S3 access and a license to use one source (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB; MSSQL on Windows OS only) and one target (AWS S3, AWS Aurora, RDS – PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB; MSSQL on Windows OS only).

3. tcVISION Mainframe Batch Integration (MBI) for AWS – Bring Your Own License (Customers must contact Treehouse Software for license key to run the software): This AMI does not require an active connection to the mainframe, because the existing backup and recovery files from the mainframe, such as Db2 imagecopies, z/OS archive log files or IMS Unloads, Adabas unload, and PLOG files can be used.

Like what you see? Replicating mainframe data on AWS can happen within days during a tcVISION Proof of Concept (POC)…

An online tcVISION POC is approximately 10 business days, with the customer providing use case and goals for the POC. A Treehouse Software consultant will assist in downloading and installing tcVISION and conducting a limited-scope implementation of a tcVISION application. This application uses customer data and executes on customer facilities, usually in a non-production environment. A document is provided beforehand that outlines the requirements, use cases, and agenda for the POC.

By the end of the 10-day POC, customers can begin replicating mainframe data to their Cloud target database.  It can happen that fast!

Further Reading…


Treehouse Software is an AWS Select Technology Partner, and the AWS Partner Network published a blog about tcVISION, our Mainframe-to-Cloud data replication product, which describes how tcVISION allows legacy mainframe environments to continue, while replicating data on highly available and secure Cloud platforms:


Visit the Treehouse Software website for more information on tcVISION, or contact us to discuss your needs.