Enterprise Mainframe Customers are Realizing the Benefits of Replicating Data to Cloud-based Relational Databases

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development / AWS and Cloud Alliance Lead at Treehouse Software, Inc.

Treehouse Software has been helping enterprises mainframe customers since 1982, and in recent years, we have been developing a strong presence in the emerging Cloud market space relating to mainframe data migration. This blog takes a quick look at a couple of popular Treehouse-supported Cloud relational database systems…

Amazon Aurora relational database, a MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database built for the cloud, that combines the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases:

Google Cloud SQL, a fully managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL server. You can connect with nearly any application, anywhere in the world. Cloud SQL automates backups, replication, and failover to ensure your database is reliable, highly available, and flexible to your performance needs:

Treehouse Software Helps to Make the Mainframe Data Move Easy…

Many enterprises’ mainframe systems house vast amounts of data  encompassing historical, customer, inventory, logistics, and a myriad of other information types. Sales leaders at Cloud platform companies and systems integrators are engaging with Treehouse Software to take advantage of our unique skills and tcVISION Mainframe-to-Cloud data replication solution to help them tap into this potential goldmine of data that needs to be made available to new technologies.


With tcVISION, customers can replicate mission critical data to the Cloud, and immediately take advantage of the broadest and deepest set of capabilities, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of things (IoT), predictive data analytics, high performance and security, high availability across global regions, scalability, and innovation. Imagine having the most advanced technologies available for data processing, interactive analytics, real-time analytics, operational analytics, dashboards, and data warehousing at your fingertips!

Where is your mission critical data residing?

tcVISION provides the means for customers to easily replicate relevant data from most mainframe data sources (IBM Db2, IBM VSAM, IBM IMS/DB, Software AG Adabas, CA IDMS, CA Datacom, or even sequential files) to Cloud targets, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud

Walkthrough of tcVISION Mainframe Data Replication to Cloud and Open Systems in 90 Seconds…

Further reading: tcVISION Mainframe-to-AWS data replication is featured on the AWS Partner Network Blog…


AWS recently published a blog about tcVISION’s Mainframe-to-Cloud data replication capabilities:

AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog: Real-Time Mainframe Data Replication to AWS with tcVISION from Treehouse Software.


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No matter where you want your mainframe data to go – the Cloud, Open Systems, or any LUW target – tcVISION from Treehouse Software is your answer.

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The New 2020 IBM Z Solutions Directory Features a Wide Selection of Mainframe Tools and Services, Including Treehouse Software’s Data Integration Products

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development / Cloud Alliance Lead at Treehouse Software, Inc. 


Enterprises’ investments in IBM Z mainframe technology is significant, and the IBM Z Solutions Directory showcases some of the best hardware, accessories, software products, and services available to help customers maintain and expand the platform.

Treehouse Software encourages mainframe customers to explore the IBM Z Solutions Directory, where they will find neatly organized listings that help them quickly find the products and services they need. We are very pleased to have our products included, side-by-side, with most of the top mainframe solutions in the world in this valuable guide. 


More About Treehouse Software’s Mature and Proven Mainframe Enterprise Transformation Products…


Treehouse Software has been developing, marketing, selling, and supporting mainframe software since 1982, and we are committed to helping customers easily access some of the most advanced Cloud and open systems technologies in the world, while maintaining their valuable legacy environments. 

Treehouse Software’s visionary leadership in the mainframe market has included pioneering Adabas-to-RDBMS ETL and CDC with tRelational/DPS in the mid-1990s.  Today, with the tcVISION product, Treehouse Software is a global leader in providing real-time and bi-directional data replication between a variety of mainframe and non-mainframe sources, including (Mainframe): VSAM, IMS, Db2, CA Datacom, Adabas, and CA IDMS; and (Non-mainframe): Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2 LUW and Db2 BLU, IBM Informix, Kafka, MongoDB, MariaDB, Hadoop, SAP Hana, and many more.

Despite the rapid pace of change in the IT landscape, Treehouse Software’s customer base can be assured that there remains a strong commitment to providing continued support and upgrades for the product suite.

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