Treehouse Software’s Differentiator: We’ve Been Helping Enterprise Mainframe Sites Since 1982

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development / AWS and Cloud Alliance Lead at Treehouse Software, Inc. 


This blog explores Treehouse Software‘s decades worth of experience in helping mainframe customers with innovative tools, services, and training. 

When Treehouse Software began in 1982, the business focused on software that was complementary to the Software AG mainframe product line (Adabas database management system and Natural programming language) in the areas of security, control, auditing, performance enhancement, etc.

In more recent years, Treehouse Software has become a global leader in providing solutions for real-time and bi-directional data replication between a variety of mainframe and non-mainframe sources, including (Mainframe): VSAM, IMS, Db2, CA Datacom, Adabas, and CA IDMS; and (Non-mainframe): Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2 LUW and Db2 BLU, IBM Informix, Kafka, MongoDB, Hadoop, SAP Hana, and many more. Here is our list of supported data sources and targets.

Decades Worth of Mainframe Knowledge…

When asked by prospective customers, “What are your primary differentiators?”, we can be tempted to first talk about superior product features and capabilities, but it is Treehouse Software’s depth of knowledge and experience in the mainframe world that is the real game changer.

Most mainframe users face critical data management challenges due to the complexity and proprietary nature of deeply entrenched databases on the platform. Our extensive experience, deep knowledge, and wide-ranging capabilities in mainframe technologies make the company a valued partner for third-party solution providers and a trusted advisor to customers.

Treehouse Software’s visionary leadership in this market has included pioneering Adabas-to-RDBMS ETL and CDC with tRelational/DPS in the mid-1990s.  Today, Treehouse Software stands alone in its product maturity, and capability, including expanded capabilities with the tcVISION product, which enables migration and synchronization of virtually any mainframe or non-mainframe database or data source.

Despite the rapid pace of change in the IT landscape, Treehouse Software’s customer base can be assured that there remains a strong commitment to providing continued support and upgrades for the product suite.

Treehouse Software provides tools and expertise for the riskiest and most-often overlooked parts of modernization and integration projects – data migration and integration.   Tapping into the vast experience of Treehouse’s technicians, and using proven products and services eliminates reliance on end-customer programming staff to write and maintain data extracts and middleware. Treehouse Software’s know-how reduces cost and mitigates risk in legacy modernization initiatives, where data migration and integration complexity is often underestimated, yet critical to success.

Our Mainframe Experts are Our Best Assets

We are fortunate to have a staff with a wealth of knowledge and skills that span not only Mainframe, but Cloud, LUW, and Open Systems technologies. Whether a customer wants to move data from their mainframe platform to other on-premises open systems or LUW databases, or to the Cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure, etc.), Treehouse Software has the technical expertise and support needed to ensure successful project completion.

Treehouse Software‘s technicians have installed products and trained end-users in some of the largest mainframe sites around the world.  Mature, robust, and reliable, these products are also backed by our highly-rated 24X7 technical support.

The Treehouse Team Approach


Treehouse Software has proven its ability to partner and work effectively as part of a larger team to solve client problems.  AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Accenture, and other large vendors have selected our technology, services, and training for their mainframe data migration and application modernization practices.


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Treehouse Software TREETIP: Data Replication for a Mainframe Database that has no Primary Key, using tcVISION

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development / AWS and Cloud Alliance Lead at Treehouse Software, Inc. and Chris Rudolph, Senior Technical Representative at Treehouse Software, Inc.

This blog takes a look at tcVISION’s support for a mainframe database that has no primary key at the source (a mainframe primary key is a column, or set of columns that uniquely identifies one row of a table). 

In situations where the source database does not contain any unique values, Treehouse technicians discuss with the customer how the application currently works and their expectations for how the data should be treated when planning replication/migration to a new target environment. Depending on the application, Journal Replication or Data Warehouse Replication may be a better fit than a “normal” RDBMS table definition.

tcVISION‘s Key ID management can be used to create a column to use as the key on the target table. Another option would be to use a SQL Lookup to query another table. Either way, target column(s) that contain unique values will need to be identified. Once these columns are identified, they can be marked with the key identifier, using the tcVISION repository editor, or Key ID Management can be used to create a new unique column, then those columns are used within the wizard.

For example, this source table does not contain a primary key:


Analysis of the target data shows the columns FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME and MIDDLE_NAME together will provide a unique value. These fields can be marked in the tcVISION repository as being members of a key:


As mentioned earlier, the tcVISION Key ID Management wizard can also be used to create a new unique target column:


Specify the key name:


Specify the key value creation:


Various options are available: 



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Treehouse Software Customer Success: Data Replication from Mainframe Adabas to PostgreSQL using tcVISION


The Bundesministerium der Finanzen (BMF) is Germany’s Ministry of Finance and establishes sustainable fiscal policy that ensures financial empowerment of the federal budget. From tax policy via development of federal budget, to regulation of national and international financial markets – for these and other fiscal and economic questions of principle, the BMF creates strategies and concepts, and implements them. The Federal Tax Administration is part of BMF, and controls not only the cross-border goods traffic, but acts against illegal employment and other crimes. The tax administration also imposes consumer taxes (e.g., energy and tobacco tax, car tax, etc.). Financial relations between federation, countries, and communities are also coordinated by BMF.

Department II (federal budget) is part of the German government in charge of establishing the budget and financial planning of the federation. Throughout the year, it monitors execution of the budget for eventual intervention (e.g., with a budget freeze, or supplementary budget). After closing the fiscal year, the budget and balance sheet will be presented. The budget is a supplement of the budget act, legally binding.

The central service organization of BMF is the Informationstechnikzentrum Bund – ITZBund (Information technic center).


Drawing up the budget is a yearly, highly time consuming, and formalized business process. All departments are involved in nearly every sub-process, and budgeting and financial planning is supported by the application, “Haushaltsaufstellung / Budgetgeneration”. Using the generated reports, various addressees/receivers are supported (e.g., German Federal Government, German Federal Parliament, Federal Council of Germany, finance department in BMF, the employees in the departments, and the public).

Technically, the budget plan of the federation is based on technologies, including the IBM Mainframe with z/OS running Adabas and Natural.

The challenge was to provide an environment for employees in all departments that enables them to do their work quickly, easily, and efficiently. In the BMF, users must have an editorless, end-user driven, and real-time creation of ready-to-print products.
An informative description of the workflow is shown on the website of the BMF.

The federal budget is available as download, or one can directly navigate through the data using the online application.


Some time ago, BMF decided to re-engineer the application for budget planning and port it to Open Source. To guarantee a seamless transition, the first step is propagation of data out of Adabas on z/OS to PostgreSQL, concluding with permanent synchronization.
The difficulties of this task are the complexities of setting up data definitions for the data structures in Natural and the propagation of data from Adabas on z/OS to PostgreSQL.



After an analysis of the project, Treehouse Software proposed creating an extension to tcVISION’s change data capture (CDC) functionality for integration, so that tcVISION could enable BMF to continue using the implemented data definitions in a format suitable for the RDBMS.

The extension was developed within a few days, and a two-day on premise test demonstrated the solution fit the requirements of BMF.

BMF can now provide its data definitions from Natural LDA to the extension of tcVISION, and after the transformation, onto the PostgreSQL load process for processing. Another advantage of the tcVISION solution is that when needed, other targets can be integrated for propagation of data from the mainframe (e.g., Kafka, which BMF indicated is a future target environment).

Additionally, bi-directional propagation can be added in budget planning when BMF is ready.

Data structures are held in LDA, because this provides the advantages of higher flexibility in development and the adaption of new requirements to the data definitions. If definitions would have to be ported manually, in part, to PostGreSQL, it would have been a much bigger and error-prone effort.

Subsequent changes to Adabas structures can now use tcVISION’s newly developed extension to easily regenerate and load the correct definitions to the RDBMS, and tcVISION completely covers the customer’s requirements for special usage of *PEs and *MUs.

After thorough preparation and extensive testing, the solution was released to selected users first, then made available to all users.

* PEs and MUs are special Adabas formats for definition of tables. PE = Periodic Group, MU = Multiple Value Field.


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No matter where you want your mainframe data to go – the cloud, open systems, or any LUW target – tcVISION from Treehouse Software is your answer.

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AWS recently published a blog about tcVISION’s Mainframe data replication capabilities, including a technical overview, security, high availability, scalability, and a step-by-step example of the creation of tcVISION metadata and scripts for replicating mainframe Db2 z/OS data to Amazon Aurora. Read the blog here: AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog: Real-Time Mainframe Data Replication to AWS with tcVISION from Treehouse Software.

Treehouse Software Onsite Training Classes are Available

New installation of a Treehouse Software product? New employees? Need a refresher course? Want to explore untapped product features? Three-to-five-day training sessions are available for tRelational / DPS and other Treehouse products.


Treehouse Software training sessions are customized to meet your site’s unique environment and needs. As an example, the following three-day tRelational / DPS training class was conducted at a large University where they are using tRelational / DPS to create an archive of their legacy Adabas data to Oracle in preparation for their upcoming mainframe system retirement.

Over the course of the three-day session, the Treehouse instructor covered:

  • tRelational AUTOGEN feature (auto-generation of complete RDBMS schemata – Tables, Columns, Primary Key, and Foreign Keys – based upon existing ADABAS file structures). AUTOGEN was quite attractive since it will be a very time efficient way to create the Adabas-to-Oracle mappings.
  • The customer wanted to use Relational / DPS to automate as much of the process as possible, and take advantage of the batch functions of tRelational. Generally, the workshops of the class are all online, but in this case, the class ran through one online example after the File Implementation section of the training, and then jumped to the batch section of the training to show how that works. The class then returned to run additional File Implementations, Analysis, and Reporting in batch.
  • The class continued through the Modeling and Mapping section, and ran more batch jobs with some additional Adabas files.
  • Admin and Configuring DPS Parameters sections were next on the agenda. Because of the desire to automate as much as possible, the work focused on how to set up a single job stream that could be generated programmatically, where it was fed in the name of the file to be implemented and then do the AUTOGEN all in the same job. The tRelational AUTOGEN user exit was set up so the customer could identify and cater to the possibility of duplicate table names where multiple Adabas files have the same named MU (like “COMMENTS”); and handle the addition of an ETR (external transformation routine) being automatically added (there were some known HEX values in some fields) and then update the DPSCOLLGTH.
  • The class finished up the Materialization (initial loading of data) training section and then set up the jobs to run Materialization, and installed DPSSPLIT (used to separate the control and data files into one control and one data file per table materialized) on one of their servers. Generally, most class attendees are not the ones responsible for running the Materialization and Propagation (ongoing synchronization of data) jobs, so the instructor doesn’t usually set them up, but in this case, it made sense. The class started out by running the Materialization from a full database ADASAV taken over the weekend. The output of the Materialization job was FTPed to their Server and DPSSPLIT run against it to create the individual loader files. GENDDL (generate the control statements that can be passed to the RDBMS to define the tables and columns) was also run and that output transferred. After setting up the SQL job to process the DDL, the Oracle SQL*LOADER was successfully run to load the data.

Finally, the class went through some additional tRelational / DPS features, and as a final exercise, set up a Propagation job and ran it against a current PLOG just to make sure it worked satisfactorily.


If you are interested in finding out more about Treehouse training classes for your product, contact Treehouse Software today for more information, or to schedule onsite training.

TREETIP: TRIM’s Real-Time Monitor Provides a Window into Your Adabas/Natural World

by Joseph Brady, Manager of Marketing and Technical Documentation at Treehouse Software, Inc.

Adabas/Natural customers need a reliable, effective, and efficient way to analyze and optimize performance. TRIM is a robust performance monitor for Adabas and Natural. The TRIM Real-Time Monitor provides a wealth of key performance statistics, including:

  • Adabas activity in various categories across time intervals
  • Session statistics
  • Adabas queues and tables
  • And much more.

TRIM screen shot examples…

TRIM Real-time Monitor Commands Per Minute Screen:


TRIM Real-time Monitor Commands Within File Screen:


This information can help the site quickly find and eliminate performance problems, and online help, PF-Keys, Direct Commands, and other features simplify TRIM usage.

Reminder of the Special Offer For CA APAS/Insight and CA PLEU Customers…

If your company uses CA APAS/Insight and/or CA PLEU, you have been notified that support for the products is longer be provided by CA. As a result, we are pleased to extend a special offer to CA APAS/Insight and CA PLEU customers to adopt comparable Treehouse Software solutions, and enjoy the assurance of our commitment to supporting and updating TRIM, AUDITRE, NatCDCSP, NatQuery, and our other solutions that complement ADABAS and NATURAL.

Treehouse Software representatives are ready to help you implement our solutions to address your key requirements — all at specially-discounted pricing.

Visit the Treehouse Software website, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Register Today for the Software AG TechEd 2015 User Conference!

By Wayne Lashley, Chief Business Development Officer for Treehouse Software

In 2014, I attended Software AG’s inaugural “TechEd” conference, held in Chicago in April. This was a free event, modeled loosely on the annual European “Software AG International User Groups”, offering customers the opportunity to attend presentations and get information that would otherwise be left to regional user group meetings—which have been largely discontinued—and/or to Innovation World. Several dozen Adabas/Natural customers attended last year, and their reviews were positive.


This year, TechEd returns to Chicago on April 21-22, 2015. I and others from Treehouse will be attending, and I will be presenting “Treehouse Software: Maximize and Revitalize Adabas/Natural”, about how our real-world customers are implementing strategies to integrate, modernize and extend mission-critical Adabas/Natural applications by leveraging Treehouse products and services.

While the conference will include not just an Adabas/Natural track but also tracks for webMethods, Terracotta, ARIS and Alfabet, there will be two full days of Adabas/Natural-related content. Topics include Adabas/Natural futures, zIIP Enabler for Natural, Web/mobile enablement, modernization/integration, Adabas SQL Gateway and Event Analytics for Adabas/Natural/EntireX, in a mix of Software AG and customer presentations. And in the evening of April 21, Software AG will host a customer celebration social event.

For the last half-day of the conference, Becky Albin will be giving her Adabas v8.3 Master Class. This is something that you would normally expect to have to pay for, but in this case it will be included at no charge. Something not to be missed!

I strongly encourage all Adabas/Natural customers to sign up for the *FREE* TechEd 2015 at See you in Chicago!

A Job Well-Done by Treehouse Software Consulting Services for Swiss Reinsurance Company, Ltd.


Since 2002, Treehouse Software consultants have provided DBA services for the Software AG (SAG) mainframe environment at Swiss Reinsurance Company, Ltd. (Swiss Re). Treehouse services included all SAG product support and upgrades for ADABAS, NATURAL, NATURAL Security, PREDICT, and COM-PLETE.

Additionally, Treehouse consultants installed the TRIM ADABAS and NATURAL Performance Monitor product to help in monitoring ADABAS and NATURAL usage, and the tRelational / DPS product set was used for converting and archiving Swiss Re’s ADABAS data as the new Oracle-based systems were implemented.

As this chapter of the long-time Treehouse Software / Swiss Re partnership has drawn to a close, we express our gratitude for having such a good and loyal customer, and we appreciate their sentiments towards us:

“Thank you for your professional and prompt DBA and support services to Swiss Re for the last many years. You have kept our systems on the most current level of software upgrades, helped us to successfully migrate our mainframe from in-house facilities to an outside provider, as well as migrate from the Toronto system to a global platform-based L&H system, and finally provided archival data extracts for the total decommissioning of the Toronto system.

At all stages we have received excellent and cost-effective services from Treehouse.

We sincerely thank each one of you for helping us achieve our goals. Best wishes for the future.”

Sheila Gupta
Vice President, Information Technology
Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd.

About Treehouse Software Consulting Services

At Treehouse Software, our business is mainframe systems software and services. We know that organizations using mainframe systems for their business operations are feeling the pressure to be more efficient and to contribute to overall enterprise cost savings, and we’re here to help.

Customers can take advantage of Treehouse’s decades of experience in mainframe optimization, systems security, control, auditing, performance enhancement, etc. Our Mainframe Consulting and Remote DBA Services can be a life-saver when dwindling financial and human resources make it difficult to maintain past levels of IT services for an organization.

Treehouse Software’s expert consultants can provide ADABAS/NATURAL performance analysis, environment tuning, and optimization; development, training and implementation services involving any Software AG technology; help with special routines or user exits for ADABAS/NATURAL; product installation, upgrades, and training; data transfer and integration; and DBA services.

Contact Treehouse Software for more information on our Consulting Services.