Try out Mainframe Data Replication on the AWS Cloud with tcVISION Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)

Treehouse Software is pleased  to announce that the tcVISION Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) are now officially released on the AWS Marketplace. The tcVISION AMI automatically sets up the product on the AWS Cloud and allows customers to use it with either backup/recovery mainframe files or Windows files, or to set up connectivity for real-time, on-premises mainframe data replication to AWS. An enterprise with mission critical data in a mainframe environment can rapidly deploy databases globally within minutes, and with minimal administration requirements.


There are three versions of the tcVISION AMI on the AWS Marketplace, and #1 and #3 require two-week trial license keys provide by Treehouse Software:

1. tcVISION Mainframe Batch Integration (MBI) for AWS – Bring Your Own License (Customers must contact Treehouse Software for license key to run the software): This AMI does not require an active connection to the mainframe, because the existing backup and recovery files from the mainframe, such as Db2 imagecopies, z/OS archive log files or IMS Unloads, Adabas unload, and PLOG files can be used.

2. tcVISION Distributed Database Integration (DDI) for AWS – Pay as You Go on AWS: This AMI license installation includes security keys for Amazon S3 access and a license to use one source (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB; MSSQL on Windows OS only) and one target (AWS S3, AWS Aurora, RDS – PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB; MSSQL on Windows OS only).

3. tcVISION Enterprise Change Data Capture (CDC) Integration for AWS – Bring Your Own License (Customers must contact Treehouse Software for license key to run the software): This AMI allows transfer of mainframe data to AWS targets continuously and in real-time. Using this tcVISION AMI, a customer can deploy databases globally within minutes.

tcVISION Offers a Wide Variety of Connectivity


tcVISION supports AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) databases, such as Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and Maria DB as targets, in addition to traditional Linux/Unix/Windows (LUW) targets such as Oracle, IBM Db2 LUW, Software AG Adabas LUW, IBM Informix, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and ODBC.

tcVISION on-premises acquires large amounts of data in bulk or via change data capture methods, including in real time, from virtually any IBM mainframe data source (Software AG Adabas, IBM Db2, IBM VSAM, IBM IMS/DB, CA IDMS, CA Datacom, even sequential files), and transforms and delivers it to the AWS Cloud.

Users can easily model and map their data, and create links between data sources and target systems with tcVISION‘s GUI interface. tcVISION also has features to prevent looping and provide conflict detection for bidirectional data processing, allowing mainframe updates to be reflected on the AWS databases and changes on the AWS databases to be reflected back to the mainframe again.

About the AWS Marketplace…


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