Enterprises with Vast Amounts of Data on Mainframe Systems are Perfectly Positioned to Take Advantage of Advanced Cloud-based Machine Learning and AI Technology

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development and Cloud Alliance Leader at Treehouse Software, Inc.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are not only revolutionizing the computing and business worlds, but the value proposition for Treehouse Software’s customer base who are replicating large amounts of mainframe data on the Cloud can be profound. Machine learning is proving to be a powerful force in improving customer experience, optimizing business operations, and accelerating innovation. This powerful, predictive technology helps improve customer engagement and conversion by creating personalized web experiences that are based on individual customer preferences and behaviors. Intelligent machine learning search services also boost business productivity and customer satisfaction by delivering accurate and useful information faster from various information sources across the organization. Additionally, business forecasting machine learning and AI tools can accurately predict demand and streamline supply-demand decisions by combining historical time series data with additional variables, such as product features, pricing, and holiday demand.

Treehouse Software is partnered with AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft, and has been in the mainframe market space since 1982. Our tcVISION product helps customers replicate their mainframe data, in real-time and bi-directionally, between a vast array of source databases and Cloud technologies. As soon as their mainframe data is made available within Cloud-based data stores, customers can use the wide variety of available machine learning and AI technologies.

Machine Learning and AI technologies are available at your fingertips… 

The dominant Cloud platforms are making incredible leaps in creating the most sophisticated AI tools available today — all literally at one’s fingertips. Never before has such powerful and useful technology been so easily available to so many, bringing the deepest set of machine learning services and supporting Cloud infrastructures instantly into the hands of developers, data scientists, etc. The following are a few examples of today’s most popular Cloud-based tools…


Some examples of leading machine learning and AI product available on AWS:

  • Amazon SageMaker – A fully managed service that provides every developer and data scientist with the ability to build, train, and deploy ML models at scale.
  • AWS pre-trained AI Services – Provide ready-made intelligence for your applications and workflows.
  • More information on AWS AI and Machine Learning products


Some examples of leading machine learning and AI product available on Google Cloud:


Some examples of leading machine learning and AI product available on Microsoft Azure:

The Journey Begins with Treehouse Software


Treehouse Software is here to help enterprise mainframe customers accelerate digital transformation and successfully leverage Hybrid Cloud initiatives on the IBM Z platform, storing sensitive data on a private cloud or local data center and simultaneously leveraging robust machine learning and AI resources on a managed public cloud.

tcVISION supports a vast array of integration scenarios throughout the enterprise, providing easy and fast data replication for mainframe application modernization projects. This innovative technology offers comprehensive abilities to identify and capture changes occurring in mainframe and relational databases, then publish the required information to an impressive variety of targets, both Cloud and on-premises.


Just fill out the Treehouse Software Product Demonstration Request Form and a Treehouse representative will contact you to set up a time for your online tcVISION demonstration.

Further reading: tcVISION Mainframe-to-AWS data replication is featured on the AWS Partner Network Blog…

The AWS Partner blog talks about tcVISION’s Mainframe-to-AWS data replication capabilities, including a technical overview, security, high availability, scalability, and a step-by-step example of the creation of tcVISION metadata and scripts for replicating mainframe Db2 z/OS data on Amazon Aurora. Read the blog here: AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog: Real-Time Mainframe Data Replication to AWS with tcVISION from Treehouse Software.