Treehouse Software Salutes Franco Harris

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development and Cloud Alliance Leader at Treehouse Software, Inc. 

With the recent passing of Pittsburgh Steelers great running back and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Franco Harris, we would like to revisit April of 1993, when Treehouse Software held an international consultant’s symposium. The symposium brought together attendees and speakers from many consulting and technology companies, and schools from around the world. Since Treehouse Software is located in the greater Pittsburgh area, company president George Szakach was acquainted with Franco and invited him to deliver a fascinating and entertaining address, where he spoke about his career, several business ventures he was pursuing, as well as his budding interest in computer technology.


Franco Harris at Treehouse Software’s Consultant’s Symposium (April 1993)

A few years ago, George reminded Franco about his visit to Treehouse back in 1993. He remembered and they shared some laughs and memories. 

We would also like to mention Franco’s well-known sense of community and accessibility in Pittsburgh. Many staff members have met Franco over the years and have fond memories of his friendliness and willingness to spend time engaging in conversations. Those who come in to the Pittsburgh International airpot can see a sculpture depicting Franco’s famous “Immaculate Reception” from 1972.  Thousands of people, especially recently, have selfies taken with the sculpture. Franco will be missed by his many friends and the community.


Franco Harris sculpture at Pittsburgh International Airport.


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