New! Log Based Change Data Capture (CDC) for IBM Db2 z/OS Without a Mainframe Agent

A permanent, active z/OS tcVISION agent is no longer required for the processing of Db2 z/OS Active Logs. This “agentless” connection analyzes the Db2 Active log and extracts the changed data using a Db2 User Defined Table (UDT) and a connection to Db2 z/OS via DRDA or a Db2-Client.

Flexible and efficient data exchange (synchronization/replication/migration) with tcVISION for IBM z-, distributed-, and cloud platforms:

  • Fast and efficient load of mass data
  • Lower latency time because of parallelization and real-time apply
  • Continuous log based CDC data streaming for real-time synchronization
  • Transparency because of comprehensive data mapping for structure analysis
  • Comfortable data transformation and data conversion
  • No programming efforts
  • Integrated database specific apply mechanisms to enter the data into the targets
  • Bidirectional synchronization (Master – Master replication) with integrated Loop prevention


We would be happy to present our data integration solution tcVISION for
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