Smart Solutions for “Data Source-to-Customer Experience” from Treehouse Software


Treehouse Software provides world-class capabilities to acquire data from relevant structured sources–especially mainframe-based sources–across the enterprise, enabling solutions leveraging Cognistx technology to offer the most advanced interaction with your customers.

Retailers Adopting Cognitive Technology to Drive Business

Meet a new cognitive-powered app that’s changing the customer experience. Using the SmartCognitives Engine™, it harnesses the full power of customer data to create intelligent, individualized offers specifically designed for each customer. It’s how Cognistx is helping Mr. Tire reach their millions of customers as true individuals, drive incremental revenue, convert data into insights and lead the cognitive revolution in the automotive industry. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Turning data into insights, insights into customer actions, and those actions into revenue…


Cognistx applies the latest in machine learning technology (AI) — including Big Data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and natural language processing — to solve your business challenge. From app-based retail solutions to help desk chat interfaces, clickstream interceptors to call center systems and more, this technology helps solve your most pressing issues.

Smarter with each interaction

The SmartCognitives Recommendation Engine is always learning and automatically delivering smarter, more relevant offers so your marketing is faster, more accurate and more efficient. It can be integrated into your mobile apps, web sites, databases, POS systems and more — for smarter solutions right away.

Transforming consumers into Individuals

Imagine being able to target consumers as unique individuals and serving up exactly what they want exactly when they need it most. No one wants to be treated like a consumer — but people do want to be treated like individuals. That’s why Cognistx is here– to celebrate the power of the individual and transform the customer experience.

Engaging with the SmartCognitives Engine


The Cognistx engine is technology-agnostic, so it can be easily integrated into apps, chatbots, clickstream interceptors, call center systems, decision support systems, or other custom applications.

The Treehouse Software / Cognistx Connection


The Cognistx platform complements Treehouse Software’s tcVISION, the comprehensive product that can acquire data in bulk or via change data capture methods, including in real time, from virtually any IBM mainframe data source (Software AG Adabas, IBM DB2, IBM VSAM, IBM IMS/DB, CA IDMS, CA Datacom, even sequential files), and transform and deliver to virtually any target. In addition, the same product can extract and replicate data from a variety of non-mainframe sources, including Adabas LUW, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 LUW and DB2 BLU, IBM Informix and PostgreSQL.

Let’s talk…


If this exciting new technology is of interest to you, we would be happy to have a conversation about your company’s needs, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.  Meanwhile, please visit the Treehouse Software Cognistx Web Page for more information.


Treehouse Software Technology Partner, Cognistx Brings Cognitive Computing to Screens Around the World


Cognistx is transforming the customer buying experience using cognitive computing, which it claims has the potential to become the most disruptive technology of the next 20 years. Wake Forest Innovation Quarter’s The Hub features the latest from Cognistx. Read the article here.

About the Treehouse Software / Cognistx Partnership

Since the mid-1990s, Treehouse Software has provided world-class enterprise data acquisition capabilities, and we now offer the Cognistx cognitive computing capabilities for the most advanced interaction with your customers.


The Cognistx platform complements Treehouse Software’s tcVISION, the comprehensive product that can acquire data in bulk or via change data capture methods, including in real time, from virtually any IBM mainframe data source (Software AG Adabas, IBM DB2, IBM VSAM, IBM IMS/DB, CA IDMS, CA Datacom, even sequential files), and transform and deliver to virtually any target. In addition, the same product can extract and replicate data from a variety of non-mainframe sources, including Adabas LUW, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 LUW and DB2 BLU, IBM Informix and PostgreSQL.

If this exciting new technology is of interest to you, we would be happy to have a conversation about your company’s needs, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.  Meanwhile, please visit the Treehouse Software Cognistx Web Page for more information.


Two Local Technology Companies Partner to Advance Cognitive Computing; Complementary Areas of Expertise Mean Better Data Integration and Individualization

Treehouse Software, Inc., of Sewickley, PA and Cognistx of Pittsburgh, PA announced a partnership to help customers with improved data integration and individualization to fully leverage the power of cognitive computing.

Technology industry leaders from Accenture to Gartner to McKinsey recognize the future of computing will be cognitive, calling it a disruptive force and estimating the industry to reach $200 billion by 2020. Cognitive computing is based on leading edge technology including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, Big Data, advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.


The Treehouse – Cognistx partnership will allow customers to ingest massive amounts of data, whether that data is numbers, images, or audio files, and mine it to find insights that lead to action, and ultimately to increased revenue from improved customer engagement.

Since the mid-1990s, Treehouse Software has been a global leader in mainframe data migration, replication and integration, offering robust and flexible solutions for ETL, CDC and real-time, multidirectional replication between databases on various platforms.

Cognistx is an applied technology company harnessing state-of-the-art cognitive computing tools to help retailers reach individuals with intuitive, intelligent and individualized offers based on their past transactions, preferences, context and profile.


Cognistx complements Treehouse’s capability to deliver data with its machine learning algorithms that become more accurate with every transaction, delivering customized, personalized, prescriptive actions in the right context. Together, the two companies will co-market their capabilities, bringing new competitive advantages to customers who want to expand the use of their most valuable asset — data.

“We’re excited to partner with Cognistx to bring our world-class enterprise data acquisition capabilities to companies that recognize the massive opportunity cognitive computing represents,” said Wayne Lashley, Treehouse Chief Business Development Officer. “We provide the data foundation and Cognistx translates that data into insights, those insights into customer actions, and those actions into incremental revenue.”

“Few retailers do a good job of marrying technology with a customized customer experience that is tailored to their behaviors and timed according to how they might use a retailer’s offer,” said Sanjay Chopra, CEO of Cognistx. “With our proprietary algorithms and Treehouse’s enterprise data solutions, both our customers win. Only with large amounts of data can our system learn about the consumer and their preferences and how those change in order to deliver only the smartest, most individualized offers.”

About Treehouse Software, Inc.

Privately-held Treehouse Software was founded in 1982, and is a global leader in providing data migration, replication, and integration solutions for the most complex and demanding heterogeneous environments. Treehouse offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of software and tools for mainframe platforms, and also includes feature-rich, accelerated-ROI offerings for information delivery, and application modernization.

About Cognistx

Privately-held Cognistx was founded in 2015 and has a technology hub in Pittsburgh and operations offices in the Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, NC, and Raleigh. The company’s co-founders include Sanjay Chopra, a serial technology entrepreneur; Eric Nyberg, professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, who consulted with IBM on the Watson project and Jeffrey Battin, former owner of Communefx, a successful data analytics company. Other partners include Florian Metze, professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science; Jill Zoria, SVP Enterprise Development; Pete Minnelli, SVP Creative; and Karen Barnes, SVP Operations.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: tcVISION v6 Overview and Updates


Several exciting new features and updates are now in tcVISION v6, including new output targets Adabas LUW, DB2 BLU, EXASOL, Hadoop,and MongoDB. Additionally, new input sources include z/OS VSAM Logstream (CICS and Coupling Facility / Shared VSAM),z/OS VSAM Batch Extension, z/OS DBMS to Logstream, CA IDMS v17, CA Datacom CDC, IMS Active Log and SMF data.

Another feature recently announced is the tcVISION “Direct Loader” for BULK_LOAD processing. The function does not require output to a sequential file, and the loader utility for the target DBMS is called via API with data passed directly. Direct loader supports PostGreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2 LUW / DB2 BLU. The advantage of using the Direct Loader is the elimination of disk access in writing and reading the sequential loader data file. File output is still supported (e.g., where loader data is to be distributed to other machines).

Finally, as mentioned in a previous Treehouse Blog, with tcVISION v6 comes the newly enhanced web statistics functionality and web server. Any standard web browser can access this server (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

This valuable feature enables users to view data from the tcVISION Manager Monitor, and statistical and operational information from the tcVISION Manager network.

Find out more about tcVISION — Enterprise ETL and Real-Time Data Replication Through Change Data Capture

tcVISION provides easy and fast data migration for mainframe application modernization projects and enables bi-directional data replication between mainframe, Linux, Unix and Windows platforms.


Visit the Treehouse Software website for more information on tcVISION, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Customer Success: tcVISION / Hadoop Integration


BAWAG P.S.K. is one of the largest and most profitable banks of Austria with more than 1.6 million private and business customers and a well known brand in the country. The business strategy is oriented towards low risk and high efficiency. Business segments are Retail Banking and Small Business, Corporate Lending and Investments and Treasury Services and Markets. The center of the BAWAG P.S.K. business strategy is the offering of easy to understand, transparent and first-rate products and services which meet the requirements of the customers.

The BAWAG P.S.K. Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft and Österreichische Postsparkasse Aktiengesellschaft ” (P.S.K.), Vienna, operates their IT on the z/OS operating system. The corporate data is stored in DB2 databases. ORACLE is the database platform for the Open System environments. In relationship with another project P.S.K already had a client component of tcVISION installed. Magister Markus Lechner, Head IT Applications: “tcVISION was already in use and we had good experiences as far as functionally and support is concerned. Because we were in the planning process for the implementation of another project, we included tcVISION in the list of software solutions. The goal of this project has been the reduction of the load on the IBM mainframe and as a result the reduction of costs. The intention was to offload data from our core database system to a less expensive system in real-time and to provide read access from that system to the new infrastructure. The reasons for this were constantly increasing CPU costs on the mainframe because of the growing transaction load of the Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Self Service devices. A large percentage of the load was caused by Read-Only-Transactions.” Markus Lechner: “After the tcVISION presentation, we arranged a Proof Of Concept. The important aspects of the POC were not only the functionality of tcVISION within the project but we also wanted to see whether our expectations would be met related to performance and CPU consumption on the mainframe. In addition to tcVISION, we also evaluated another product. All of our expectations have been met to our full satisfaction during the POC and we made the decision to go ahead with tcVISION.”

After a short implementation period, the project is now in production for one year. Markus Lechner describes the project: “The primary objective of the project with tcVISION was the reduction of CPU load on the mainframe to reduce our costs. Our intention was to offload data from our core database system to a less expensive system in real-time and to provide read access from that system to the new infrastructure.


We use tcVISION for the realtime replication and we use Apache Hadoop as a cost efficient system for the storage of the data. In addition to the primary usage scenario we have the benefit to also cover additional use cases. This includes Real-time-EventHandling & Stream Processing, Analytics based upon real-time data as well as the possibility to report and analyze structured and unstructured data with excellent performance. The system can be inexpensively operated on Commodity Hardware and has no scalability limitations. Compared to the savings the costs of replication (CPU consumption) of tcVISION are very low. The support provided  was excellent during the implementation phase and also during the production phase. Inquiries by telephone or E-mail cause prompt reactions. Problems that came up during this period were solved as soon as possible even when the tcVISION software had to be extended.” There are additional plans to extend the use of tcVISION in the future. One is to implement real-time replication from ORACLE into the data lake.

Magister Markus Lechner draws a conclusion: “tcVISION enables us to significantly reduce our mainframe cost through a real-time replication to a less expensive environment. tcVISION performs a very economical log file based replication. In addition we are now in a position to implement numerous application cases based upon the replicated data which would have been too expensive and resource intensive on the mainframe. Realtime-Event-handling, Realtime-Analytics, Realtime-Fraud Prevention are only a few of the use cases that we currently cover.”



tcVISION enables bidirectional replication for DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server running on Linux/Unix/Windows, and synchronizes each data source, first by doing a bulk load from source(s) to target and then by replicating only changes— only committed changes—from source(s) to target. So there can never be ambiguity as to whether a query against the target database involves uncommitted data.

Read other tcVISON customer success stories here.


Visit the Treehouse Software website for more information on tcVISION, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Join us at the Software AG TechEd User Conference in Austin, Texas


The third annual Software AG TechEd User Conference is planned for May 3-4 in Austin, Texas this year. In prior years, this event has developed a reputation for having the best source of technical information in our niche field, as we can learn from our peers and Software AG product experts about best practices, new features and use cases that you can apply on the job, and this year’s conference will be no exception. Of course, there is also the added benefit of being able to network with the largest collection of Adabas/Natural peers in North America.

Register here:

In addition to the presentations planned, there will be an Adabas Internals Class offered after the TechEd conference if there is enough interest. This class will be taught by Gene Miklovich with upgraded content for v8. Many people who attended last year’s TechEd conference expressed an interest in this topic, so if you were one of these people and/or are interested in this opportunity, please go to the Software AG Education portal to register.




Product Spotlight: AUDITRE

by Joseph Brady, Manager of Marketing and Technical Documentation at Treehouse Software, Inc.

AUDITRE is Treehouse Software‘s generalized auditing facility for Adabas, applicable to a wide variety of use cases. Summary reports show the number of adds, deletes, and updates made to specified files and fields, while detail reports can track specific user activity and updating of individual fields and files. Data may be extracted to output datasets for use with reporting, analysis, and other software. As a batch facility processing the Adabas PLOG, AUDITRE does not require Adabas to be active in order for reports and extracts to be run.

The Adabas Auditing Challenge

Compliance testing presents the biggest challenge to the organization’s Auditors. Compliance testing requires the Auditor to learn if applications use the proper update procedure to change Adabas data. Compliance testing requires a record of exactly what changes an application program made to the database and the order in which the changes took place. Adabas provides no automatic method to generate audit data, making compliance testing difficult. This challenge leads some sites to invest substantial resources in the development of Embedded Audit Routines (EARs).

The Latest…

The new version of AUDITRE (v5.2.1) runs on z/OS and VSE, and can process Adabas protection log (PLOG) data that contains spanned records. What is a spanned record? – Adabas v8 allows a compressed record that exceeds one physical Data Storage Block by splitting the logical record into a number of physical record segments, each part fitting into a single Data Storage (DS) block. A spanned record is comprised of one primary record and one to four secondary records.

AUDITRE’s Function

As illustrated in the following diagram, a batch job or an on-line user executes an Adabas transaction. Adabas updates the physical database components and writes information about the transaction to the Adabas Protection Log.

The information on the Protection Log is voluminous and is not in an easily readable form. AUDITRE processes the Protection Log data.

Taking direction from the Auditor through AUDITRE parameter cards, and input from the Protection Log and the Field Definition Table, AUDITRE makes one pass over the audit data. In this one pass, AUDITRE determines the number and kinds of transactions (Adds, Updates, or Deletes) made and produces multiple reports or outputs the results to a sequential dataset(s) for later processing.


AUDITRE Provides the Best Auditing Solution

AUDITRE requires no additional support systems such as extra programs, “audit exit routines,” or specialized files. Audit reports can be generated on other CPUs at remote sites for security, if desired.

Further, AUDITRE requires minimal installation and training time for the DBA and other users. Creation of new reports requires coding only a few simple parameter statements.

AUDITRE produces clear, organized reports of database modification activity including only the information desired. AUDITRE can base reports on files, fields, sets of fields, and logically related updated files. Reports contain only the files and fields desired. One pass of the Protection Log allows AUDITRE to generate multiple reports simultaneously.

For maximum long-term benefit, selected data or reports can be archived to tape or disk for processing later. This allows audits to occur “after the fact” for certain critical systems if Auditors later discover a problem.

AUDITRE Makes Adabas Auditing Easier

Consider a Protection Log containing over one million records. Adabas stored these records in a compressed, non-standard form, which makes them difficult to read. The Log contains all updates for all files for all fields (entire records) whether all fields changed or not. Records on the log are ordered chronologically, and are difficult to sort because Adabas stored them in the non-standard form.

Various Adabas utilities display Before and/or After Images of updated records as one large field in character and in hex. However, determining which field(s) changed from such a “dump” is difficult, especially when updates cause different-sized values, or when fields change to/from null values.

Which Organizations Can Benefit from AUDITRE?

AUDITRE can benefit many different types of organizations. For example in the petroleum industry, AUDITRE can verify changes to ownership interests in oil leases. Magazine publishers can use AUDITRE to monitor changes to subscribers’ EXPIRATION-DATEs. Stock brokerages can use AUDITRE to verify that a stock transaction took place as ordered by the client. Colleges and universities can track changes to alumni addresses for fund-raising purposes. Any organization needing a report of changes to Adabas data can find a good use for AUDITRE.

AUDITRE’s archiving capability is useful to many departments in the same organization. The Payroll Department may discover unauthorized salary increases. Meanwhile, the Marketing Department might use summary reports for several months of Protection Log data to determine how many new customers were gained during the year by tracking adds and deletes to the CUSTOMER database. The Purchasing Department could examine RECEIVING data for changes to expected RECEIVING-DATEs, etc., to determine if any suppliers frequently postpone merchandise delivery, causing supply shortages for the organization.

There are many other uses for AUDITRE. If a question can be answered by examining changes to the database, or a problem investigated by reporting on archived update data, AUDITRE can help.

For more comprehensive information on AUDITRE, a Product Overview is available for download from the Treehouse Software website.

Reminder that CA PLEU Customers Can easily Transition to AUDITRE!

If your company uses CA PLEU and/or CA APAS/Insight, you know that support for these products is no longer provided by CA. Treehouse Software extends a special offer to CA APAS/Insight and CA PLEU customers to adopt comparable Treehouse Software solutions, and enjoy the assurance of our commitment to supporting and updating AUDITRE (as well as TRIM, NatCDCSP, NatQuery, and our other solutions that complement ADABAS and NATURAL).

AUDITRE has features that specifically aid in a customer’s transition from CA PLEU, including:

  • Previous releases of AUDITRE limited the total size of the Protection Log Compressed Data Record Fields to be printed to 32K. AUDITRE now runs above the line, removing this limit.
  • AUDITRE was updated to allow sites to route detail and summary statistics to a separate file.
  • New analysis parameters allow specification of a begin point (STARTDATE/STARTTIME), which adds additional flexibility to the PLOG extract process.
  • Additionally, we recently assisted a longtime CA PLEU site in converting their existing CA PLEU extract to an AUDITRE extract, which provided identical results!

Treehouse Software representatives are ready to help you implement our solutions to address your key requirements, and at specially discounted pricing.

Not currently using CA APAS/Insight or CA PLEU? You’re in luck, because we’ll extend our same special pricing offers to you as well!


Visit the Treehouse Software website, or contact us to discuss your needs.