Now, more than ever, enterprises with mainframes are looking to modernize their legacy systems

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development / Cloud Alliance Lead at Treehouse Software, Inc.

Rapidly changing global health, economic, and political conditions are making fast access to the most current information more important than ever for official agencies and the public.  As a result, modernizing information systems is taking center stage and top priority, especially for organizations with critical mainframe data residing on a variety of long-standing databases, often still updated by COBOL applications! These databases include Db2, VSAM, IMS/DB, Adabas, IDMS, Datacom, or even sequential files. Unlocking the value of this important data can be difficult, because the data can be utilized by numerous interlinked and dependent programs that have been in place for many years, and sometimes decades.

Many organizations are now looking for modernization solutions that allow their legacy mainframe environments to continue, while replicating data in real time on highly available Cloud-based platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.). With a “data-first” approach, immediate data replication to the Cloud is enabling government, healthcare, supply chain, financial, and a variety of public service organizations to meet spikes in demand for vital information, especially in times of crisis.

Treehouse Software can help organizations immediately start moving their mainframe data to the Cloud and take advantage of the most advanced technologies in the world with tcVISION


Whether an enterprise needs to take advantage of the latest Cloud services, such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), rapid global database deployments, high-level security, etc., or move data to a variety of newer Cloud or Open Systems databases, the transition doesn’t have to be a sudden big bang.

A Phased Approach

Treehouse Software has extensive mainframe experience and subject matter experts to help organizations incrementally replicate their mainframe data to the Cloud and other modern systems, while keeping both sides synchronized.

Treehouse Software’s expert technical representatives help customers develop a phased plan that includes installation and implementation of the tcVISION mainframe data modernization product, script customization, data replication mapping, high availability, security, monitoring, training, etc..

After defining the architecture, the production deployment phase begins with incremental sprint-like deployments. Additional files are then deployed into production regularly.

This phased plan enables tcVISION to synchronize critical mainframe data to a Cloud / Open Systems database. Bi-directional, real-time data synchronization allows changes on either platform to be reflected on the other platform (e.g., a change to a PostgreSQL table is reflected back on mainframe). The customer can then modernize their application on the cloud, open systems, etc. without disrupting the existing critical work on the legacy system.

Additionally, tcVISION customers see drastically reduced mainframe MIPS costs, and increased ability to quickly respond to business environment changes.

Enterprise ETL and Real-time and Bi-directional Data Replication Through Change Data Capture with tcVISION

tcVISION uses an intuitive Windows GUI interface for administration, mapping and modeling, script generation, and monitoring. The product focuses on changed data capture (CDC) when transferring information between mainframe data sources and modern databases and applications. Through an innovative technology, changes occurring in any mainframe application data are tracked and captured, and then published to a variety of targets.

tcVISION – Supported Sources and Targets

tcVISION supports a vast array of integration scenarios throughout the enterprise, providing easy and fast data migration for mainframe application modernization projects and enabling bi-directional data replication between mainframe, Cloud, Open Systems, Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms.

View the Unequalled List of Environments Supported by tcVISION Here


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Contact Treehouse Software for a Demo Today…

Just fill out the Treehouse Software Product Demonstration Request Form and a Treehouse representative will contact you to set up a time for your tcVISION demonstration. This will be a live, on-line demonstration that shows tcVISION replicating data from the mainframe to a Cloud target database.

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