Enterprise Mainframe Systems House Vast Amounts of Data, Perfectly Positioned to Take Advantage of Powerful and Innovative, Cloud-based Services

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development / AWS and Cloud Alliance Lead at Treehouse Software, Inc.

Treehouse Software has been helping enterprises since 1982, and our extensive experience, deep knowledge, and wide-ranging capabilities in mainframe technologies makes us a valued partner and a trusted advisor to customers worldwide. In recent years, we have begun developing a strong presence in the emerging Cloud market space relating to mainframe data migration.


Cloud providers are aware that most large enterprises use mainframe systems housing vast amounts of data encompassing historical, customer, logistics, etc., and they are helping us bring our tcVISION Mainframe-to-Cloud data replication and migration solution to the Cloud marketplace. Sales leaders within various verticals at Cloud companies and systems integrators are also engaging with Treehouse Software to take advantage of our unique skills and solution to help them tap into this potential goldmine of data that needs to be moved to the Cloud.


With tcVISION, customers can replicate mission critical data to the Cloud, and immediately take advantage of the broadest and deepest set of capabilities, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of things (IoT), predictive data analytics, high performance and security, high availability across global regions, scalability, and innovation. Imagine being able to spin up a functional and secure databases anywhere in the world — in minutes! Also imagine having the most advanced technologies available for data processing, interactive analytics, real-time analytics, operational analytics, dashboards, and data warehousing at your fingertips!

Where is your mission critical data residing?

Most larger industry verticals recognize the need to tie together many disparate data sources within their IT environment, including their long-standing mainframe data.  Treehouse Software’s tcVISION solution focuses on changed data capture (CDC) when transferring information between mainframe data sources and target databases and applications. Through an innovative technology, changes occurring in any mainframe application data are tracked and captured, and then published to a variety of targets. tcVISION provides the means for customers to easily replicate relevant data from most mainframe data sources (IBM Db2, IBM VSAM, IBM IMS/DB, Software AG Adabas, CA IDMS, CA Datacom, or even sequential files) to Cloud targets, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, as well as many more seen here… 


tcVISION’s Control Board is a Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows users to configure the replication stream between the mainframe and various Cloud platforms. Using the Control Board and built-in wizards, users can define the metadata and mappings between the mainframe and a Cloud database target.

tcVISION automatically defines the mappings between the source and target. tcVISION’s Metadata Import Wizard creates a default mapping that handles data type conversion issues, such as EBCDIC to ASCII, Endianness conversion, codepages, redefines datatypes, and more. See mapping example below:


CDC replication is initiated from the tcVISION Control Board, and the mainframe communicates to the Cloud-based tcVISION replication manager. The tcVISION Control Board shows a graphical representation of the replication, seen in the example below:


Video: Walkthrough of tcVISION Mainframe Data Replication to Cloud and Open Systems in 90 Seconds…

Further reading: tcVISION Mainframe-to-AWS data replication is featured on the AWS Partner Network Blog…


AWS recently published a blog about tcVISION’s Mainframe-to-Cloud data replication capabilities:

AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog: Real-Time Mainframe Data Replication to AWS with tcVISION from Treehouse Software.


Contact Treehouse Software Today…

No matter where you want your mainframe data to go – the Cloud, Open Systems, or any LUW target – tcVISION from Treehouse Software is your answer.

Just fill out the Treehouse Software Product Demonstration Request Form and a Treehouse representative will contact you to set up a time for your online tcVISION demonstration.

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