Treehouse Software helps Mainframe Customers Replicate Data on the World’s Fastest Cloud Data Warehouse — Amazon Redshift

by Joseph Brady, Director of Business Development / AWS and Cloud Alliance Lead at Treehouse Software, Inc.

Treehouse Software is an AWS Technology Partner, and has been a mainframe software company since 1982, and in the data replication and migration market space since the mid-1990s. Today, Treehouse Software is helping enterprise mainframe customers successfully move their data to the Cloud in order to utilize all of the most advanced Cloud services and tools available. Our tcVISION product can help customers replicate their mainframe data, in real-time and bi-directionally, between a vast array of source databases and many AWS Cloud technologies, including Amazon Redshift, the world’s fastest cloud data warehouse today.

Highly concurrent workloads? Not a problem. Redshift can handle virtually unlimited concurrency. Amazon Redshift’s hybrid architecture enables unmatched performance…


Shared storage provides the ability to scale to unlimited concurrency, while Redshift’s on-instance storage provides low latency access to data that can’t be achieved any other way. The unique combination of both strategies provides Redshift’s best-in-class performance today and leaves room for continued performance improvements tomorrow.

Scale quickly and automatically to handle unpredictable workloads…

Start small at $0.25 per hour and scale up to terabytes or petabytes for under $1,000 per terabyte per year. Pay only for what you use and know how much you’ll spend with predictable monthly costs. That’s 75% less expensive than the #2 cloud data warehouse provider.

Further reading: tcVISION Mainframe-to-AWS data replication is featured on the AWS Partner Network Blog…


AWS recently published a blog about tcVISION’s Mainframe-to-AWS data replication capabilities, including a technical overview, security, high availability, scalability, and a step-by-step example of the creation of tcVISION metadata and scripts for replicating mainframe Db2 z/OS data to Amazon Aurora. Read the blog here: AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog: Real-Time Mainframe Data Replication to AWS with tcVISION from Treehouse Software.


Contact Treehouse Software for a Demo Today…

No matter where you want your mainframe data to go – the cloud, open systems, or any LUW target – tcVISION from Treehouse Software is your answer.


Just fill out the Treehouse Software Product Demonstration Request Form and a Treehouse representative will contact you to set up a time for your online tcVISION demonstration.

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