New Version of AUDITRE Further Enhances Ease of Transitioning from CA PLEU

If your company uses CA PLEU and/or CA APAS/Insight, you know that these products have reached “End of Service”, and support for the products will no longer be provided by CA.

Many customers have turned to Treehouse Software for our proven and reliable ADABAS/NATURAL-oriented alternatives.

As the vendor of the ADABAS performance monitor TRIM since 1983, and the generalized auditing facility for ADABAS AUDITRE since 1987, Treehouse Software understands how important it is to provide customers with new releases and expert technical support as ADABAS and NATURAL continue to advance and evolve.

With the latest release of AUDITRE (v4), we have implemented enhancements that specifically aid in a customer’s transition from CA PLEU, including:

  • Previous releases of AUDITRE limited the total size of the Protection Log Compressed Data Record Fields to be printed to 32K. AUDITRE v4 runs above the line, removing this limit.
  • AUDITRE was updated to allow sites to route detail and summary statistics to a separate file.
  • New analysis parameters allow specification of a begin point (STARTDATE/STARTTIME), which adds additional flexibility to the PLOG extract process.

Additionally, we recently assisted a longtime CA PLEU site in converting their existing CA PLEU extract to an AUDITRE extract, which provided identical results! Contact Treehouse Software for details.

AUDITRE At a Glance…

AUDITRE is Treehouse Software‘s generalized auditing facility for ADABAS, applicable to a wide variety of use cases. Summary reports show the number of adds, deletes, and updates made to specified files and fields, while detail reports can track specific user activity and updating of individual fields and files. Data may be extracted to output datasets for use with reporting, analysis, and other software. As a batch facility processing the ADABAS PLOG, AUDITRE does not require ADABAS to be active in order for reports and extracts to be run.


It’s Not The End of the Line for CA Customers!

We are pleased to extend a special offer to CA APAS/Insight and CA PLEU customers to adopt comparable Treehouse Software solutions, and enjoy the assurance of our commitment to supporting and updating AUDITRE (as well as TRIM, NatCDCSP, NatQuery, and our other solutions that complement ADABAS and NATURAL).

Treehouse Software representatives are ready to help you implement our solutions to address your key requirements, and at specially-discounted pricing.

Not currently using CA APAS/Insight or CA PLEU? You’re in luck, because we’ll extend our same special pricing offers to you as well!

Contact Treehouse Software for more information.

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